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Bulk Latex Reagents

Arlington Scientific, Inc.™ (ASI™) offers a wide range of bulk latex serology reagents ready to meet the needs of small to large companies seeking to enhance their current product or develop new product lines. ASI reagents are currently exported to Europe, Latin America and the Pacific Rim.

ASI's products are developed and produced with unique formulations using state of the art technology. All diagnostic reagents and kits are produced using QSR/GMP rules and regulations of the United States Food and Drug Administration.

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Product/Methodology                Minimum Quantity        Product No.


ASO (Latex Agglutination)      

CRP (Latex Agglutination)

Mono (Latex Agglutination Color Enhanced)

RF (Latex Agglutination)

RPR (Flocculation)   

Rubella  (Latex Agglutination)

SLE (Latex Agglutination)

Staph (Latex Agglutination)

VDRL (Microscopic Flocculation)

VDRL  (Synthetic Antigen)











100 ml

100 ml

100 ml

100 ml

100 ml

100 ml

100 ml

100 ml

100 ml

100 ml

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