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IVT Allergy™ 3 Screen

Misdiagnosed or untreated allergies can lead to serious problems, including asthma. Until now, determining the cause of an allergic reaction has been a diagnostic challenge. ASI’s IVT Allergy 3 diagnostic test panel offers a simple, convenient, and accurate alternative and compliment to traditional skin testing.

The IVT Allergy® 3 Screen is a rapid and accurate diagnostic enzyme immunoassay panel that can detect multiple allergens simultaneously with independent results for each allergen. This unique device contains allergen-coated segments as well as positive and negative controls and Total IgE. Standard allergen panels or custom panels are available.


• Improved sensitivity

• Accurate IgE allergy screen

• Simple in vitro blood test

• Single serum sample required

• Up to 10 allergens per panel

• Easy visual interpretation

• Positive and negative controls

• Cost effective

• Standard and Custom allergen panels

• No instrumentation required


• Improved patient care

• Fast, accurate results increase office efficiency

• No risk of adverse reactions

• Repeatable, reproducible results

• Skin pathology does not preclude testing

IVT Allergy™ 2 test kit

Allergy Screen

   5 Panel Kit  Allergen Specific

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