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ASI Sickle Cell Test

The ASI Sickle Cell Test is a convenient and specific kit intended to be used as an aid in the qualitative detection of hemoglobin S (Hb-S) in anticoagulated whole blood. The test does not distinguish between sickle cell disease (HbS/S) and sickle cell trait (HbS/A). This test is not recommended for use on newborns under 3 months of age. Kit does not include controls.


  • Accurate, easy and economical
  • Detects both homozygous (S/S) and heterozygous (A/S) -sickle cell
  • Contains urea reagent for test confirmation
  • Turbidity line test based upon modified Nalbandian procedure
  • Room temperature storage
  • Longest shelf life - up to 18 Months
  • Proudly made in USA

Sensitivity & Specificity

  • Sensitivity: >99%
  • Specificity: >99%


  • CPT Code 85660
  • 510(k)-K960947

Test Kits

    25 Tests     200025

  100 Tests     200100

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ASI's Sickle Cell Test Kit complies to all required  CE requirements
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