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Graphic showing the CDC recommended screening vs the reverse sequence screening.

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Arlington Scientific, Inc.® (ASI®) is an industry leader in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of in vitro diagnostic products with an emphasis in syphilis. For the last 30 years ASI has been a pioneer in delivering new products and technologies to meet the growing demands of clinical and blood screening laboratories worldwide. ASI brings creative solutions to better manage and deliver the efficiencies and cost savings our customers expect .


  • RPR
  • VDRL (CDC Licensed Synthetic Formula)
  • TPHA
  • Syphilis Reference Panels
  • Custom Kits and Controls

Industry Firsts

  • First nontreponemal automated algorithm for the detection of syphilis
  • ASiManager-AT™

    the first FDA cleared semi-automated nontreponemal RPR Analyzer for blood and tissue screening

  • ASI Evolution®, the first FDA cleared fully automated RPR analyzer for diagnostic and blood donor screening (Pending FDA clearance Tissue [HCT/P])
  • Mercury Free
  • Liquid Controls
  • Screw Cap Lids
  • Warp Resistant Cards
  • Extended Dating
  • CPD or CPDA-1

Advantages of Traditional Nontreponemal RPR Testing

  • CDC recommended
  • Detect, diagnose and monitor-
  • Most cost effective algorithm
  • Fewer false reactives
  • Lower total healthcare cost
  • Less patient follow-ups
  • Less overtreatment
  • Standardized methodology
  • Results providers trust/know
  • Low cost/test

CDC Recommended Algorithm


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