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The ASI Evolution Automated RPR Syphilis Analyzer.

Automated RPR Syphilis Analyzer

FDA Cleared for Diagnostic, Blood Donor Screening and Cadaveric (Non-heart beating) Tissue Screening

USA made and CE marked


  • CPT Code 86592(Screening)
  • CPT Code 86593 (Titers)
  • FDA 510(k) K173376
  • FDA 510(k) BK170114
  • FDA 510(k) K182391
  • FDA 510(k) BK200488
  • FDA 510(k) K201438
  • FDA 510(k) BK200539

FDA Cleared For Diagnostic, Blood Donor and Cadaveric Tissue Screening

For over 37 years Arlington Scientific has been a pioneer in delivering new products and technologies to meet the growing demands of clinical diagnostics, blood donor and cadaveric tissue laboratories worldwide. The ASI Evolution® Automated Syphilis Analyzer was developed using the traditional syphilis algorithm to address the need for an automated nontreponemal syphilis platform.

The ASI Evolution® can process and analyze up to 190 samples per hour. One technician can easily run three ASI Evolutions simultaneously, with the ability to perform over 4,000 tests in an eight-hour shift.

Reduce Labor

The ASI Evolution reduces the amount of hands on time required to run an RPR test, freeing up valuable lab resources.

Improve Efficiency

  • Run 190  tests per hour per analyzer
  • Single operator can run multiple ASI Evolutions simultaneously
  • Skilled laboratorian available for other protocols
  • Titers from 1:1 to 1:2048

Better Quality

  • CDC recommended testing
  • Your Syphilis Authority
  • Accurate and reproducible results
  • Data Management (Analyze, Archive, Retrieve)

Lower Costs

  • Reduced labor expense
  • Lowest cost syphilis testing reagent
  • Minimal consumables required
  • Lower total healthcare cost
Automated RPR vs Manual RPR comparison.

Advantages of Traditional Nontreponemal RPR Testing

“The CDC continues to recommend the traditional screening algorithm using a nontreponemal test (e.g., RPR or VDRL), with reactive nontreponemal tests confirmed by treponemal testing.”*

(*Gail Bolan, MD; Director, Division of STD Prevention; National Center For HIV/AIDs, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention)
Early Detection

A 2015 CDC study determined that nontreponemal tests can detect infection up to 14 days earlier than treponemal tests.

RPR Serological study showing RPR test detecting syphilis fourteen days before nontreponemal tests.
Why Nontreponemal?
The CDC recommends it, doctors prefer it, a majority of labs use it, costs less, better quality, fewer false-positives

The ASI Evolution® is the world’s first and only fully-automated system for nontreponemal RPR Syphilis testing for diagnostic, blood donor and cadaveric tissue screening. Simply load your reagents and samples, then walk-away. The Evolution automates the processing, analysis, reporting and archival of results for RPR screens.

Digital Results
ASI Evolution nonreactive sample.
ASI Evolution reactive sample one.
ASI Evolution reactive sample two.
Reactive results
ASI Evolution reactive sample three.
Reactive results