RF Procedure and Interpretation

Step 1

Using a fresh stirrer pipet each time, add a drop (0.05) ml of each sample onto a separate circle on the test card. Repeat by adding one drop of REACTIVE or NONREACTIVE CONTROL from the dropper vials supplied.

RF procedure image step one, use a new pipet  to add a patient sample on the test card.

Step 2

Expel the contents of the LATEX REAGENT dropper and refill. Add one drop of the reagent to each serum specimen and to each control.

RF procedure image step two, add one drop of reagent to specimen.

Step 3

Using the flat end of the stirrer pipets, mix each sample and control serum with the LATEX REAGENT, in a circular manner, over the entire area in the circles of the card.

RF procedure image step three, mix each sample.
Step 4

Gently tilt and rotate the card for two (2) minutes and observe for agglutination. All test results should be compared to both REACTIVE and NON REACTIVE CONTROLS.

RF procedure image step four, tilt and rotate the test card.
RF procedure image five, showing what a reactive and nonreactive result looks like.