Staph Procedures and Interpretation

Step 1

Add a drop of the Latex Reagent to a well of the test card.

Staph procedure image step one, adding a drop of reagent onto test card.

Step 2

Using a disposable stirrer, collect a visible amount of an isolated colony about 2 mm in size from the overnight culture grown on 5% sheep blood agar plate.

Staph procedure image step two,  collecting  a colony from culture.

Step 3

Emulsify the culture sample in the Latex Reagent on the card. Discard the stirrer into an appropriate biohazard container.

Staph procedure image step three, emulsifying the sample on the card.
Step 4

Gently tilt and rotate the card in a complete circular motion for up to 45 seconds, or until agglutination is evident, which ever comes first. Positive reactions usually occur within 15-20 seconds.

Staph procedure image step four, rotating the samples on the card.
Step 5

View the mixture on the card, using only a high intensity light source. Do not use a magnifying lens

Staph procedure image step five, reading the results visually on the sample card.

Reactive - Any degree of agglutination as compared to the nonreactive control.

Nonreactive - Smooth suspension with no visible agglutination after 45 seconds.

Staph procedure image, showing reactive and nonreactive sample.